Girlz Camp

I just got back from Girlz Camp. It was so much fun! The first day we went on a hike around a lake. It was about 2-3 miles and it took us about 2 hours. After we went swimming in the lake, it was fun...

I made a lot of friends there; great friends. They were all so fun, and nice! I had a blast...

It was a wonderful experience, I can't wait 'till next year!!!



Three more days of school, I'm counting down. (On Thursday we are going to Tenessee, so I get to miss the last day of school.)


How Many More Days of School?

Eight. Eight more days of school. Only eight. I wonder how this year went so fast... OH, WELL! I'm glad it's over! School can get on your nerves, especially when you are longing for summer break. No more waking up early to catch the bus, no more Math first thing in the morning when your brain is still asleep, and no more waiting for school to be out. None. Zip-Tada. It's overwelming.


In Three Months...

In 3 Months, I will be a Young Women. OUT OF PRIMARY FINALLY! I am turning 12 on August 25, and that is a big year for me. I am going to start baby-sitting (I already am, but not very much), I will ge able to wear make-up (!!!), and I am leaving primary to go to Young Womens. I am so excited! Lucky for me, I get to go to the Young Women's camp, which sounds so much fun. I can't wait...


New Haircut

On monday I had a haircut. I wasn't so sure about having a haircut, so I just said that she could cut my bangs, give me layers, and thin out my hair.

So this is what it turned out looking like, except that I had my hair brushed back so you can't see it as well, and it didn't straighten well that day.


My 1st Funeral

Yesterday I had my first funeral. It was actually for my neighbor's fish, because they went on a trip to Florida and gave us Bubbles to take care of until they got back. Well, when you have a goldfish, you have to understand that you can't keep it alive forever. So when it died, my mom felt bad and said she was going to buy them a new one. I don't think she really needs to because it probably would have died if they stayed and took care of it, but she insisted. Well, anyway, we buried him in our backyard and gave him like a little grave and had a funeral for Bubbles (we probably shouldn't have had one because Josh cried for a half an hour later!).

Sorry about all this Aubrey!!! We will buy you a new fish!!! Sorry!!! (P.S. You can take him to your backyard and bury him by Lily if you want to.)


Spring brings Spring Cleaning

On a day like today, you can tell that it is Spring.But with Spring, you always have Spring Cleaning, and since it is Spring Break this week, my mom decided that it would be best to do it today, while everyone is here (except dad).

But after hours of hard and trying (hee hee), it finally paid off.


My Party

This Friday I had a party with all my friends from church and school, but only 5 showed up. My party started at 4:00pm, and since I get out of school at 3:55pm, I thought that it would be a good time to have the party start then. Well, of course when you have somewhere to go and you have only like 5 minutes, something has to go wrong to make you late. Well, my bus broke down for the first time and it took about 30 minutes of silence (she threatened to take us downtown to have our parents come and get us), the miracle bus finally came. When we got on the bus we were right next to the school so it took us 5 minutes to get home. By that time it was 4:35pm and I was about a half an hour late to my own party!!!
I had three people come home with me so there were already two people there waiting for us with lots of snacks and drinks. We pigged out for a while and then went downstairs to talk and play with each other. My mom had laid out some things for a necklace and we talked and made our jewelry for about another half an hour. Then we all started to do a pillow fight and to tackle each other, which was hard because we were laughing to hard to even defend ourselves. We calmed down after a while and kept talking and laughing and making jokes.
When it was time for everyone to go home (9:00pm), I had two people stay the night with me. We stayed up until about 2:30am and then finally went to sleep, after a night of laughing, texting, and talking. My friend Maysen went home about 9:30am and my other friend Miranda went home about 11:30am. We had so much fun, and I hope I can do it again soon, like maybe for my twelfth birthday. You should try it.


Title Picture

Okay, the title picture is my first design I have ever made. It is a clutch bag that is made out of many different kinds of fabric. It comes in other designs too. For example: there is a type with just plain colors. Another is the types of weather we get. Later I will blog about my second design.



I have decided to dedicate my blog to my designs that I am keeping to make and sell when I am older. So from now in I will be doing posts about my designs. Also, go to my friend's blog: www.fashionfreak101.blogspot.com. If you want to give me any ideas for designs than comment on my blog and tell me.